happy thanksgiving

Beautiful out today, just perfect for spending all my time slaving over a hot stove for my family.

I made:

  • blended cashew cheese dip thing with artichokes, onion and miso.
  • homemade hummus (chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, olive oil and water)
  • raw vegetables for dipping and store bought pita
  • vegan sausage using this recipe as a starter cut up after cooling and sauteed with onion, garlic and spinach (thrown in at the end till just wilted)
  • mashed potatoes
  • roasted cauliflower
  • carrots
  • box stuffing
  • can of cran, with special care to make sure it plated holding its original ridged cylindrical shape
  • apple crisp
It was my first attempt with the sausage recipe and I forgot the tomato paste and employed a lot of whimsy with the spicing. I’m not that experienced with seitan style meats and have a fair bit of playing to do, though I came very near to hitting the right texture and I’m pretty happy about that. My niece is a  year and a half old and was the life of the party. We gave her some juice in a little shot glass, and it was just as cute as it was enabling her future drinking problem. Tomorrow is second Thanksgiving, an omnivore affair at my mom’s, with plenty of vegan options because she’s cool like that. She’ll be serving the leftover half can of cranberry sauce from today.

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