oh yes, hello breakfast.

Omni Dinner at mom’s was pretty good. Two kinds of quinoa to compensate for my apparent suffering of a lack of protein. It’s always funny at a big meal like that because you’re bound to find a meat eater who looks at your overflowing plate and feel bad that there’s nothing for you to eat. My sister adapted her recipes like a champ and while I had an aunt give me a bit of a grilling over “so why are you doing this again?”, the food was all delicious enough to keep any real complaints at bay. Turned out to be pretty healthy overall as well, since mom felt it was easier to cook the vegetables well and leave em naked rather than work out a vegan version of- whatever brand of fat and sugar normally goes into the thanksgiving side dishes.

So summery outside still, which is nice, because it means a few more rides on the back of a motorcycle before it gets put away into winter hibernation. And you know, I’m pretty thankful for all that I have, and everyone that comes with it.


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