It hasn’t been a banner year so far for me making things. Getting sick makes me put on trackpants, the kind with the elastic at the bottom of the legs, and mope around watching netflix. Instead of creating a meal I’ve been grabbing one thing at a time and eating it. It’s nice having jars of almonds, sunflower seeds and such laying around. Handfuls of dry cereal and the odd apple, hummus on a spoon. I’m finding it interesting to try things on their own, away from the familiar flavours with which they are usually combined.

The fundraiser went OK last night. The live version of The Newlywed Game (with real Newlyweds!) and the Dating Game (with real singles!) were hits, the participants all knew at least a few in the crowd, so it got pretty hammy. Next step is to proceed with the redrafting of my play. There’s a song I need to rewrite. It was a cover song that follows a fictionalized true story about this local bass player and his dramatic ditch of a band. Better to make sure that the details are all properly obscured before taking it to a local audience.

and with books in tow I head out to school. maybe grab a snack on the way. more grazing, some tea and enough luck to get back to better soon.


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