Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

I’m finally starting to get over this cold for real. The nasal packages are unblocked though I don’t know when I can expect to get my sense of smell back. It’s been a relaxing few days of doing nothing until school. Watched 127 Hours from the comfort of my couch and thought it was much better than I expected. I didn’t realize that the dude fell all the way to the canyon floor, in my mind’s eye he spent the whole time dangling. I suppose cutting off your own arm is still pretty hardcore, and somehow they made drinking pee grosser than I thought it would be. Aren’t there health fanatics out there that swear by regularly drinking their piss to reabsorb lost nutrients? I guess the quality is different when you’re dehydrated to begin with.

But enough about pee, let’s talk about the grocery store. Last night I walked home from class and hit up the Loblaws for a midnight snack (since I usually eat dinner around 9pm, these school nights really throw off my system) and along with the bok choi I was craving straight up, I encountered President’s Choice vegetarian chicken wings in the frozen section. I even paid full price for the chance to take them home. The store brand has made a lot of strides this year to bring more vegetarian (and vegan) convenience foods to the shelves. I guess we should have the same opportunity to slowly get fat and eat at once the salt of three people just like everyone else.

I noticed that the line was super long at the cash, so I piddled around some more waiting for it to clear. When I couldn’t take it anymore I approached the front to find that nobody had been checked through in 10 minutes or so. The store went 24 hours a few months back, really just adding one cashier to the restocking staff why not right? Well apparently at 11:40 the bank does a read and the registers have to shut down until it’s done. And everyone has to wait growing increasingly irritated with the poor cashier who really can’t do anything to help. As we approached midnight proper, the security guard came by to offer the staff some support as the line was turning into a passive aggressive comment competition. People Please! It’s just waiting, and a great time to develop coping skills.

By the time I got home, my bok choi dreams seemed too hard to tackle, and knowing I was hitting the hay soon, I opted for tea and toast instead and watched 2 episodes of the United States of Tara first season. Netflix put them out of order for some reason so what I thought was the third fourth and fifth episodes were actually the end of the season. I plodded through to see the rest, see how we got there, but unfortunately the journey really loses its impact when you know the destination. I think that’s a sign of bad TV, or at least lazy serializing, where nothing that happens can change anything or else the story would wrap up and the show would have to end.

It looks cold and miserable outside. I’ve got tentative plans to meet with the director of my play to talk about the script before I do my rewrite, but wouldn’t mind putting it off while I rest. This cold has been annoying, but never qualified as totally miserable and I think it’s precisely due to my doing the least amount of anything in life while it worked its way through.


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