Cafe Noir

or Oolong Tea as the case may be. I work a freelancer week, which can translate into a lot of time at home- days if I’m not careful. I was reading most of today and thought I better make my way out to a coffee shop for an hour just to save myself the cooped up personality you see in indoor cats. I went shop to shop looking for a spot to settle starting closest to my house. Starbucks was full, Second Cup had only the bad tables left, and World Class Bakers has those ladies who work there that make me too mad to go in. And then I remembered Cafe Noir, with their Japanese Inspired Decor, High Tea option-thingys, bodum coffee and the million or so teas you can have by the pot. They even have American Iced Tea (the unsweetened kind) which is a most delicious rarity around here. I texted a companion and dove into my book while my tea steeped. Vegan-wise, there weren’t too many snacking options, but there was vegan carrot cake with fake cream cheese icing which seemed like a great choice. The cake was moist and spiced nicely, the icing a little too sweet for my taste- would have been better on it’s own. Still, tea out is a great way to spend a weekday afternoon, you feel almost retired.




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