Glow is the name of  a magazine that Shoppers Drug Mart mails out to the homes of people in it’s Optimum points program. Because of a former tenant years back in my apartment it arrives on my door every so often. I like to give it a little flip through just to get a better feel for beauty magazine writing (not a market I tend to pitch but you never know) Between features about hair texture and slimming tips like nothing was an excellent looking array of vegan recipes. Lunch involved one of them- black bean burrito- and was a great opportunity to cook beans from dry for the first time.

Quick soak method- rinse and pluck your beans of any debris, put them in a pot with water (I used the directions on the back of the bag, but the internet can tell you the precise amount needed for your legume of choice), bring to a boil for 2 minutes and remove from heat to soak for an hour while covered. Change the water and cook for another hour to ninety minutes until the desired softness is reached.

The other stuff in the burrito included: sweet potato, tomato, onion, yellow pepper and garlic all tossed around with some cumin in a pan for 10 minutes, then rolled into a tortilla along with 1/4 avocado. good stuff.

Dinner was a split pea soup that I made on the stovetop but seems as though it would do nicely in the crockpot as well since the directions were pretty much “put everything in the pot and cook until it’s done”. my kind of recipe.


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